Speaking Heart to Heart

I ask for your permission
To enter your Heart
That delicate place
Where you store your deepest feeling
The place where your hide you pain
The part of you that keep secrets for life
I ask for your permission to enter
The area of your temple
You posses either love or hate for others
The internal location you hold your faith
Your place of Hope and Beliefs
I suggest you grant me access
To the wormhole to your soul
To that organ that keeps your blood pumping
Where I can hear how many times
Your Heart beats per minute
When you so afraid or anxious your body shakes
I suggest you grant me access
To that special part of your chest
That has been broken before
The part of you that forgives
That place that shoulders all those you lost
I demand you to let me enter
Like I’m a Heart surgeon in practice
The window to your will power
The environment where your
Respect for youself lives 
The doorway that contains 
What motivates you everyday
The separation of having fun 
And your everyday work ethic that gets the job done
I demand you to let me enter
Because I am here for two reasons
To not only inspire you
But to share only what I ask and suggest of you
With you, Which is My own Heart….

By "Isaidit the Poet"

​Have Faith!

  • 4:48

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