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I Just Wanted To Take A Moment To Express How I Feel. I Believe In

Standing Up For Your Rights...

I Believe We The People...Live In

In A Country That Has Little

Respect For Anyone Who Isn't

In The Bracket Of Upper Class!

In This Particular Case Involving the assianation of Laquan McDonald I was once again utterly disgusted with both the justice system and the devil possed as officer Van Dyke. We going into the year of 2016 and some how 16 shots still rung out infront of a Burger King in Chicago, IL. The killing of yet another black male teen. Did the officer at hand, verbally premiditate this shooting over his dash cam audio system before he emptyed his whole clip on a non threathing young man? Is that why the CPD claimed there was a malfuntion with all of the officers dash cam speakers? Either way, the video contained enough evidence to prove in any court house, that the cop was 100% guilty of Murder. So beware, if you are a black man in America, with a weapon pointed toward the ground or no weapon at all, chances are you may be targeted by a Peace Officer!

By Isaidit The Poet

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     Images Surrounding The Case

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