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Rest In Paradise

   To All Of Those Who Are No Longer With Us In The Physical 

          Until We Meet Again

                I Love You!

​​​Next Tribute 2 Women JUNE 2019

Never Forgotten

  • Copula Adjuvant 4:30
  • 7:12
  • 3:55

 Celebrity Interviewer "Isaidit The Poet"

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                   Family  Inspiration

Interviews I've Hosted With The Chicago Bridge Magazine

   I can honestly say that with having both my parents, (not pictured) in my life to teach me the true definition of hard work, I would not posses my incredible work ethic. My parents have contributed so much toward my present success, therefore no amount of love could ever do justice. Having two beautiful, older sisters (pictured left) as an positive impact in my life helped mold the man you see. These women would double team me with their insight and perspectives, when I doubted my god given abilities. I can honestly say that without their wisdom, I would still be trying to make quick money in the streets. I love you all!